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By a single click send bulk SMS for;
-School fees remainders
- General uses
Instant delivery at the same time
MySchools Services
MySchools Services
-Student Admission
-Student Invoicing
-Dynamic Set up for grades
-Data Import / Export tool
-Customised Bulky SMS sending
-SMS & Email notifications
-Student Financial Statements
-Attendance & Discipline Management
-SSL Encrypted connection
System in use
Bulamu Seed Secondary School Accounts department
using Myschools Management
Information System
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MySchools Services

  • Student Admission
  • Student Invoicing
  • Student, Parent and Staff management
  • Unlimited Users
  • Dynamic Set up for grades
  • Data Import / Export tool
  • Online Support
  • Attendance & Discipline Management

  • SSL Encrypted connection
  • Income Statement
  • Customised Bulky SMS sending
  • SMS & Email notifications
  • Student Financial Statements